Duct Cleaning

According to the U.S. EPA, indoor pollution may be 2 to 5 times higher than outdoors.

Homes can trap pollutants indoors and create an unhealthy living environment. This is particularly true for newer homes constructed with tighter windows and doors to save energy. Indoor air pollutants can trigger asthma and allergies. In children ages 5 to 17, asthma is the leading cause of school absence. In addition, unhealthy air can cause fatigue, headaches, nausea, scratchy throat, and nasal irritation. These symptoms are often mistaken for the flu or cold symptoms.

Common things that are in your ductwork and homes:

• Dust Mite Remains (Fecal Matter)
• Pet Dander
• Pollens
• Mold Spores
• Dust
• Dead Skin Cells

Dust Mite – 250 Microns

Pet Dander – One Micron

Pollen – 90-100 Microns

Mold – Invisible to the Naked Eye

Dust – 20-500 Microns

Air Design’s Duct Cleaning Process:

To begin, we remove and clean all of your heat registers and return air grills.  We complete a visual inspection, with a camera when needed, of your HVAC ductwork, coil, and blower motor.  After we have shown you what is in your ductwork we use the Rotobrush to scrub and vacuum your ducts, heat runs and returns.  An antimicrobial fogger is then sent through your system to kill any bacteria or spores that are living in your ducts.  Once we have finished cleaning your system we will return the cleaned heat registers and grills to their rightful place and leave your house cleaner than we found it.